Oil Price Tumbles Despite Deal to Extend Output Cut

Oil Price Tumbles Despite Deal to Extend Output Cut


Oil prices fell as much as 5% yesterday after OPEC and other major exporters including Russia extended their current agreement to reduce oil production for 9 months, leading to traders disappointment who were expecting deeper cuts.

Meanwhile, Khalid Al-Falih, Saudi Arabia's energy and industry oil minister said, “Nine months with the same level of production that our member countries have been producing is a very safe and almost certain option to do the trick."

  • S. crude fell to $48.60 yesterday and could decline further to $47.50. However, prices could re-test $50 during the next period.


The Sterling pound failed to manage its gains as UK economy declined by 0.2%, recorded as slower than expected in first quarter 2017.

Cable is trading under pressure, as the country will go to the polls in a general election after two weeks. Technically, GBP could decline further to $1.27 vs. USD during the next period.


The U.S. dollar index (DXY), which measures the greenback against a basket of currencies, managed to recover to 97.15 pips after OPEC agreement.


Gold prices settled yesterday, despite a strong USD. While markets are awaiting the release of revised first-quarter U.S. GDP figures as it could be upgraded to 0.9% from the initially reported 0.7%.

The most important economic events:

  • USD Gross Domestic Product (Annualized) (1Q S): (GMT 12:30) – Important – Forecast (0.9%) – Previous (0.7%).
  • USD Durable Goods Orders (APR P): (GMT 12:30) – Important – Forecast (-1.5%) – Previous (0.9%).

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